Perlite stone washing

Jeans has became a great fashion necessity all over the world. Jeans Manufacturers has used many products like stones, enzymes and pumice to create what is the called stone washed jeans look" to keep up with fashion of aged fabric" looks worn and feels softer "
The old Manufacturing process of stone washed jeans involved washing out the sizing then washing the denim in large industrial Machines and they used enzymes or stones and sometimes both.
This process of traditional stone washing was effective in giving a good result of jeans products that looked worn and comfortable but this process has abused the large expensive washing machines and sometimes basic denim can be abraded too much.
Perlite product has been tested by major jeans manufacturers. The results where astonishing, using perlite has reduced the maintenance of the washing machines and achieved a softer and better looking finish.
After many tests using various grades of perlite it was found that perlite performs many of the same properties as stones, but perlite gives us a much softer, pliable finish, and it reduces the weariness and distraction of the washing machines. Perlite gave the jeans producers a better product because it gave them a warn finished look throughout the fabric and not only on the surface. Expanded perlite has allowed a reduction in the use of enzymes which chemically attacks the fibers and ultimately results in a quick wear- out of the fabrics.
Perlite grain varies From 0 – 5 mm The jeans manufacturers are the ones that choose which perlite grain size is more suitable for them. The Exact grain size and special enzymes that are used in stone washing are considered proprietary process information by all of the large jeans company's. Using stone washing perlite in most the jeans company's is increasing rapidly all over the world, and that is a well known fact.

Abrasive in soaps, cleaners, and polishes

Perlite is used as an abrasive in soaps, cleaners, and polishes.

Ultra fine filler in number of proprietary applications

Perlite is used as an ultra fine filler in number of proprietary applications some of these applications are as include: Paint, coatings, silicone rubber, polyethylene, PVC, polyester, resins.

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